About VOS


After many years of working, gaining experience, we decided to write a good product to meet the needs of work and sharing and on the day of July 2019, VOS was born. VOS is a new opensource JavaScript framework, the word VOS stands for Vietnamese Open Source Software. It is the brainchild where we bring passion to work.


We do not use any library other than basic JavaScript functions. In addition to the basic knowledge we have consulted many documents, many structures for coding and putting into VOS. Therefore VOS is very easy to use and familiar, all calls will use VOS (element) and call all the functions available in the library.

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Our Team


We are a small company specializing in developing and outsourcing software for foreign countries. We have worked for many foreign partners for a long time, we have a lot of experience with open source especially Javascript systems. Our motto is to work, find joy in work, bring enthusiasm and knowledge to contribute to society.

Our Thing


The more society develops, the higher the demand for people and jobs. Therefore, VOS was born to serve and contribute to a better future for the IT industry, especially for sharing. VOS brings the value of the future to the present job.

Customer using VOS: